Monday, June 15, 2009

An Interesting Observation

Not sure this is all that helpful for parents, but I made an observation recently that I thought I would note. We were watching Spiderman this weekend and it struck me as the mother was outside a burning building screaming that her baby was inside. What was she doing outside when her baby was inside? Either that mother ran an errand or whatever and left her baby unattended inside or left a burning building alone knowing that she was leaving her baby inside. Neither option would be acceptable in today's culture. Was it ever?

I don't know that this kind of scenario has any actual basis in real life, but it is pretty common in the movies or on TV. Maybe nobody just took the time to think about how the mom ended up outside with a baby inside. Maybe they just thought of the most heart-wrenching scene possible.

Or, has it been that in the last few generations, the responsibilities of parents have widened to include constant supervision of their children? Don't get me wrong, I'm not advocating leaving babies home alone. I'm just wondering if attitudes have changed overall.


Mrs. Dewey Smith said...

We have noticed this alot in movies as well. And have sat there sort of wondering how mom (or in some cases, Mom and Dad both) end up standing there screaming about the baby left inside.

Makes you wonder...

Lori LeVar Pierce said...

Thanks for finding my blog and for your comment. Yes, that was the exact thought I had. Just how does that happen? Did it used to be common for parents to leave their babies unattended? Or, it is just made-up for the movies? Either way - I cannot imagine myself in that situation (though I don't have babies anymore).

btw, looks like you are close to me in Mississippi. Hi neighbor!