Monday, November 2, 2009

Busy Mom

I realize I didn't post all of October. Why is October so busy? I need to learn that planning and decorating for Halloween should start in September or it will never get done. We got costumes this year, thanks to Wal-mart. Last year I spent enormous amounts of time sewing cheerleader outfits for my girls, mostly because my sewing skills are next to nil. But, it was a good exercise and I'm glad I did it last year. Don't know when I'll do it again.

Much of October has been focused on keeping up with school. We finished the first nine weeks and so the teachers are seriously getting into schoolwork. I volunteer in my children's classes every week - getting to teach Spanish to the fifth graders now. Money may be tight, but there are still local field trips and special events. Oh, and soccer season started, though with the rain many games have been postponed.

Some months of the year are relaxed months, some are for holidays and family and some are just "get down to work" months. I think October is a "get down to work" month. Even taking time out to post on my blog seemed frivolous this past month. Or maybe it was just that I couldn't figure out what to post about.

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