Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Advice from Dr. Michele Borba

Here is a link to a blog post by Dr. Michele Borba, who was on the Dr. Phil Show with me. She was great on the show and I really enjoyed her advice. I love her rubber band theory of parenting. We all grow by stretching our limits - especially children. Just not so far that we break the rubber band (yes, free-range parents do have limits). The freedoms we give our children must be appropriate to their age and maturity.

The philosophy of free-range parenting is about not being afraid of what "could happen" when our children are ready to do things on their own. Be realistic about what probably will happen. For instance, when I leave my children home alone (just the younger two, btw, unless I'm just running to the grocery story around the corner to get something for dinner) I am more worried about them fighting and someone getting their feelings hurt than of a predator entering my house. The fighting is much more likely, plus I have an alarm system I can leave on.

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